These are the things we want our surroundings to reflect.

These are the things we want our lives to reflect.

It all starts with a dream.

WHO better understands this than ALPHA?

With few decades of experience, ALPHA understands that people have varying interests, tastes and
product needs.  Trends are always evolving.  And through the years, ALPHA has evolved with the
design trend industry.

With our knowledge of design and consumer interests, we offer you a wide range of products,
whether your design style is country, retro or contemporary, ALPHA products offer you all you need
to transform your creative ideas into reality.

Fulfilling the dream

It all starts with a dream, the dream of the perfect home, the perfect choice.  ALPHA understands
your dream.  Today our company run by dedicated staffs who continue the dream, producing and
distributing high quality products that exceed our customers’ needs.

What’s your dream?   Let ALPHA make it a reality.