Yi-Lai Industry Berhad was founded in 1990 and registered as the proprietor of the “Alpha
Tiles” trademark in November 1991. In November the same year, Alpha Tiles began
production of a single Italian tile line in it factory at Kulai Johor. Yi-Lai Berhad was listed on
Bursa Malaysia in year 2002 (The holding company of Yi-Lai Indusry Berhad) and over the
years it has grown to become one of the most established companies in the Asia Pacific

    To stay ahead in the tile production industry, Alpha Tiles has adopted forward thinking
strategies and policies based on Italian business models. Italy is the global leader in tile
expertise and production technology, and Alpha has incorporated both into its own
business. Alpha Tiles began production of its first Italian tile series in November 1991, with
the products well received and quickly adopted by a fast-changing Malaysia construction
industry demanding novel, practical and adaptable tiling solutions.

    Today, the company continues to command a high percentage of the Malaysia tile market.
As of 2006 the factory had about 700 employees and currently has seven production lines
with production capacity of about 13,000,000m2 of ceramic, homogeneous and porcelain
tiles annually.

    We have also been successfully certified to MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
System and MS ISO 13006:2003 for Product Quality Certification.