Sustainability Policy


We aim to develop the Group as a long term, sustainable business that delivers value for all our stakeholders i.e. our shareholders, business partners, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community. We believe that by managing our business responsibly, we will create a financially stable organisation and deliver value for our shareholders.

Scope & governance

This policy applies to all the Directors, key management and employees and relevant stakeholders of the Group. We ensure this policy is embedded into our business. This policy will be continuously monitored and reviewed and is shared with stakeholders through our corporate website and other channels as appropriate.

Areas of focus

(I) Our Customers

We believe in delivering excellent products and services for our customers to meet their needs. We ensure that we meet their expectations responsibly while adhering to applicable quality requirements. We have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure we meet these requirements.

(II) Our employees

We value our employees and will use our best endeavours to ensure a safe workplace and maintain proper occupational health and safety practices commensurate with the Group’s business activities. Every employee is treated fairly and with respect and we do not accept any form of discrimination.

(III) Our supply chain

We aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and we are committed to working with suppliers who meet our business and sustainability standards.

(IV) Our environment

We are committed to identifying, managing and minimising the environmental impact of our business activities. We work closely with our environmental management consultants to help us manage our impacts and ensure that we comply with all relevant environmental legislations.

(V) Our community

We aim to engage with the local communities in which we conduct our business by providing financial and non-financial assistance to those groups whose needs are in alignment with our CSR objectives.